One Year of DataViz 2016-2017 - Archive

After being inspired by the vlogger Casey Neistat and his several YEARS of daily well-produced vlogs I thought "Well I could produce a viz every day...!" Then I realized that the downside of what I do as a data nerd is spend most of my time scouring, cleaning, and figuring out how to tell the story I want to with a given set of data... so it'll probably be more like once a week. THEN, in about Mid-August my job at the University of Kentucky was eliminated as part of a departmental merger after 19 years working there and I thought, "Well, now's when I get to work on that weekly viz project while I apply for jobs!"

So if THIS TEXT is still here... it means I'm still searching for a job and if you've found me through the #dataviz on various social media... I'm primarily looking for employment in data journalism or some data discovery/exploration gigs but will take anything Tableau-related! I drink deep of the Tableau kool-aid!
*Begins Loading Myself into Job Cannon*

This will be the page where I'll keep a record of every week of DataViz that I publish starting on September 7th 2016 (every Friday hopefully or earlier!).
  1. Churches versus Stoplights - "Small Towns" in KY (Published 9/7/2016) 
  2. Live Fast, Die Young... Celebrity Birthdays/Deathdays! (Published 9/14/2016) 
  3. Does Marijuana Legalization Affect Drug Deaths? (Published 9/23/2016) 
  4. Phoning It In - Analyzing My Call History (Published 9/30/2016) 
  5. Where (NOT) to Eat in Lexington, KY - UPDATED LIVE DATA! (Published 10/5/2016)
  6. National Parks Tourism and Money Comparison (Published 10/14/2016)
  7. Car, Cycling and Pedestrian Collision Data - Part 1 (Published 10-19-2016)
  8. Roller Derby Injury Survey Results (Published 10-26-2016)
  9. Halloween Express Scrape Findings (Published 11-4-2016)
  10. Video Game Music Viz - Part 1 (Published 11-11-2016)
  11. The Inherent Racism of Election Years (Published 11-20-2016)
  12. WV State Salaries/Raises (Published 11-24-2016)
  13. Kentucky State Childcare Map (Published 12-15-2016)
  14. WifiLog - A Year on Google's Project Fi (Published 12-23-2016)
  15. Fayette Co. KY Public School Salaries 2015-2016 (Published 12-29-2016)
  16. Department of Veteran's Affairs Military Graves Database (Published 1-5-2017)
  17. Boozey Locations in Kentucky (Published 1/13/2017)
  18. EPA Critical Violations - Last 3 Years (Published 1/20/2017)
  19. My Previous Life - Analysis of Trouble Tickets (Published 1/30/2017)
  20. International Investments in Kentucky - Part 1 (Published 2/6/2017)
  21. Birth Rates and Life Expectancy by Population (Published 2/10/2017)
  22. International Investments in Kentucky - Part 2 (Published 2/15/2017)
  23. FDA Inspection Data 2008-2016 (Published 2/24/2017)
  24. DashWrecks - The Best of CakeWrecks (Published 2/27/2017)
  25. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th Anniversary and Strong Women on Television (Published 3/12/2017)

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