Tuesday, March 10, 2015

JRDA Rankings (Unofficial) with Tableau Stories

WARNING! Big interactive graphs ahead! You probably want to look at it on a desktop or tablet and NOT your phone!

First off let me state that the views/rankings in this are NOT those of the JRDA but based on the JRDA by Junior Derby News. As some of you may know I coach an AWESOME group of Junior Roller Derby Skaters known as the Sixth Street Slammers here in Lexington, KY. Rankings from the JRDA only have one set available (Feb 2015) then I saw a post about Junior Derby News - The 4th Whistle and realized they had rankings going back at least 7 months. The current format started in September 2014 but stays pretty consistent. Anyway... on with the graphs!

Also a HUGE shout out to Aval Knievel from the Slammers for helping out with the data gathering! <3

Keep in mind that ONLY teams that are ranked (at any point) are represented in this data. 

Current Dates on these are: September 2014 - March 2015 (Current)