Friday, November 6, 2015

KKK Locations and Concentration in the United States

Mr. Terrific vs the KKK

I wanted to originally title this post as "Racism in the USA" but I realized this really only scratches the surface of the different hate-groups that exist in America (sadly). =/ This is definitely one of the worst datasets I've ever looked through. *pukes*

This information came from a cursory scrape of the data dump from Anonymous last night 11-5-2015. I decided not to map the individual people's data as those wouldn't give us the succinct kind of picture we get when we look at the data as far as groups in several different ways.

I used Tableau Stories as I felt you can step through the data in a more meaningful way. I'll outline in below then you can dive into the data:

  • First off you can see the actual city locations of KKK groups.
    • You'll notice a STARK lack of anything in the western United States.
  • Secondly there is the concentration for NUMBER of KKK groups per state.
    • Wow... umm... yikes Texas. =(
  • Thirdly is the number of PEOPLE PER KKK group (not people IN each group).
    • I used 2014 Population Estimates based on the actual 2010 Census numbers.
    • OK... now yikes Mississippi!
  • Lastly is the square miles per state divided by number of KKK groups.
    • Here you'll notice several states previously not very dark become much more prevalent (again casting larger states like Texas in a better light).

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