Friday, April 17, 2015

Stupid Broken Leg (aka GIVE ME THINGS TO VIZ!!!)

A little back-story...

Sunday April 5th I was involved in an accident that left me with multiple ankle breaks and a fibula break in the upper section of my lower leg (close to my knee).
Thursday April 9th I went in for surgery on my leg/ankle (yea, it was pretty bad) and they put a plate and some screws in to keep my leg together.
I'm currently on FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and I'm unable to be at work until I go back to the doctor (which is currently not until the 28th for those keeping count).

The upshot is I have a LOT of spare time on my hands right now and not much of anything to do with it!

So since I'm laid up and to keep my mind occupied I've been working on all these data visualization projects. Sadly due to pain medication focus has been a real issue... fortunately it has allowed me to really flow from project to project without getting worried about it. The other day I thought "man, it's nice (looking) out today"... so I started collecting weather data. Now I have the ENTIRE history of Lexington's weather hour-by-hour for the last SIXTY-FIVE YEARS (that's 569,790 measurements for all you math nerds out there). So far one of the neatest things I've made is this:

This is a view of the temps in Lexington, KY on average hour-to-hour by month. I felt it was just a pretty graph to create but also informative. We have about 5 months of the year where the highs are consistently above average temp and 5 where they are consistently below average temp. With two months straddling the above/below quadrant. Anyway... I'm also working with some enhanced data from Flat Track Stats and looking to do some neat work with that soon as well.

Give me ideas people! I need things to visualize and make pretty!