Thursday, November 24, 2016

West Virginia State Salaries 2007-2015

This is part of my #1YearOfViz series! Check out the archive here:

After seeing some work that I did with the University of Kentucky Salaries Viz my mom (who is a teacher at a local college) commented that she thought I should do the same thing with her college. I started looking and found that, unlike Kentucky, the salary records for ALL WV state employees were available all the way back until 2007!!! Yay historical data!

Me when I looked at the site and saw how much historical data there was!
Unfortunately unlike the other salary data I normally have I didn't have access to job titles so there's no way to really know if someone changed positions or anything... it's just name, department, and total compensation for that person per year. Of course with that, particularly given the amount of time... you can do neat things like figure out raise percentages over multiple years! Unfortunately the way the page is laid out that I extracted the data from you cannot look at an individual's salaries over time... so I fixed that with the viz! Below you can type in a name, or a department, and the viz will filter to show that person's salary/raises over time.

Additionally you can click on a particular department or name to have the data re-form to show just that particular set of data. Ie. You can click on the Division of Corrections, then click on Adkins, Lisa to reform the data specifically to show that user. Anyway I'm going to work on some other ways to present this data but in the meantime play around with the dashboard here:

Ultimately you have to remember that, even though it's Thanksgiving... you can't eat money. No matter what Ralph Wiggum tells you:

As always thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this visualization (viz) please share it out on your social networks. If you'd like access to the raw data that I scraped (by hand) from their site then you can download the raw data by clicking here.

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