Friday, February 10, 2017

Birth Rates & Life Expectancy by Population - Honoring Hans Rosling

This is part of my #1YearOfViz series! Check out the archive here:

As most of you know I was originally going to post the second part of my international money in the state of Kentucky visualization, the one that I started last week. However, with the death of Hans Rosling I have decided to do a memorial of sorts that is a re-creation of one of his most famous visualizations showing the population changes in the world overtime.

Below is a video of one of Hans Rosling's most famous lecture. He is known by many as the founder of modern data visualization and one of the first data scientist to really show people a data-driven world.

I wanted to re-create the animation he did using people and birthrates... unfortunately Tableau isn't exactly functional when doing animations so I used Windows 10 new "screen record" ability from the games menu to record video of the animation running. I then imported that video into Photoshop and was able to create an animated gif from it which you can see here. 

I feel this is a pretty accurate re-creation of his work and will be this week's #1YearOfViz visualization. The hardest part of this data was ETL'ing the proper sets from the United Nations data repository (how did I JUST NOW find this!?).

These are the sources for the dataviz:

At one point I accidentally did a "bad" join with some of the data replicating things to the point where I had over a BILLION rows of data (thus crashing Tableau Public). I didn't do much and unfortunately my animation isn't as "smooth" as Hans Rosling's but mine is by 5 year jumps instead of singular years (I'm guessing estimates were used in his data between the 5-year increments).

Here's my little quick viz I cranked out this week in honor of the amazing Hans Rosling's work:

I'll be publishing the second part of my International Money in Kentucky visualization next week so I can touch it up a little more! As always hit me up on twitter @wjking0 if you have any questions!

Dr. Hans Rosling... taker of NO shit.

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