Friday, September 19, 2014

Where (Not) To Eat In Lexington, KY

I got this data from the Lexington, KY Health Department and while I hoped to have this constantly update-able I don't know that is going to be the case. I had to do quite a bit of data-teasing before I could actually do some work (particularly with location data). Additionally I had to create a file that contained all the Health Code violations and definitions so I knew which were "Critical" violations and what each code means. So this may be a one-off data viz.

I wanted to look originally if zip-code (and thusly socio-economic status) of an area had anything to do with food quality but I quickly realized another trend. That "Marts" and grocery stores tended to fall towards the end of the spectrum. Also interestingly every "school" is listed as well... use the search function to search for schools or other clusters of dining places to see if you notice any trends and you can shoot me a message @wjking0!

Search or click on the map and drag to select multiple locations and scroll down for more info about your selection!

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