Thursday, January 8, 2015

G.I. Joe Figure Viz (because I had a weird dream)...

Do you ever have one of those dreams that feels SUPER real? I had one of those the other night. Ironically I was dreaming about hanging out with my old friend James and his wife and newborn when James was asking me about my new data collection methods. Then (in my dream) he surprisingly asked, "Oh my god can you index GI Joe figures too!?" "Umm... sure, I guess," I replied.

James (on his B-day) and his cute daughter! =)
James (on his B-day) and his cute daughter! =)

I then woke up to find out James birthday was literally the next day. I poked around trying to find a nice GI Joe DB (because I figured if I dreamed about it I should probably do that!). I came across which has a really great database of Joe's located here:

I did a quick scrape and got to work playing around, the most interesting thing to me is the "Haves/Wants/Sales"... NO ONE is selling their 1980's Joes... the 90's ones are WAY more fair game. =)  Anyway, because I had a dream and I hadn't published a viz in a while I wanted to just kick this one out while I put the polish on a few others I'm working on that will be more in depth. So here ya go, my birthday present for my friend who never really asked for it on his birthday because I had a dream (if that isn't all confusing enough!)!

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