Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dead Drops

I've heard about Dead Drops for a while but it wasn't until someone posted a link to the site with a link to their database (which was the source-material for this viz) that I really took notice.

It's interesting that dead drops would be created (by-and-large) the way they are as they seem to be ripe for people breaking on accident as they're attached to walls or just people breaking out of maliciousness.

I didn't do anything wild with this except for show that the total number of drops currently in existence is a LOT smaller than the total number listed on their site with only 791 working out of 1750 total. Meaning that since November 2010 when this project started more have failed in the last 6 years than have continued to exist. Thanks to spurts of activity in 2013 and 2015  there is are still some positive results that overtake ones that have been marked as non-working. I considered doing some fancy date calculations to show dates for unsure or disabled ones at their "change" date... but honestly I'm just working on this so I can have something to take my mind off the relationship study which has drawn most of my focus over the last week or two.

I considered this my little visual palate cleanser! =) Enjoy!

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