Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kentucky's Gay Marriage Denial by Zip Code (Updated 6-30-2015)

Gay Marriage Denials in KY (by Zip) and "Small-town-ness"

I was working on a little something else for another blog post but given the prevalence of the state of Kentucky in the News I figured I should crunch these numbers real quick to see if what I'd been suspecting has been true.

While I'm still going to publish my ultimate "Churches vs Stoplights" viz blog post at some point I won't show all my cards for that one. Where I grew up in WV we used to joke that the measure of a "Small-town" was if it had twice as many churches as stoplights (as mine did). So I'm using that as my "small-town" base. Then I used the current list of counties denying marriage licenses to couples since the ruling from the SCOTUS and broke those down into their applied zip codes. The results are as follows!

If you'd like to see how your zip code fares do a search for it here:

So it turns out that most "Small Towns" (at least by my own made-up definition) are actually OK with the SCOTUS ruling! This wasn't the result I was expecting at ALL! I'm not saying that these places are accepting or even friendly to my LGBT brothers and sisters but I'm saying that the places listed are at least adhering to national law so please take all this with a grain of salt!

If you have any questions/comments/concerns shoot me a message @wjking0 on Twitter or comment here on the blog!

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